Corporate (social) responsibility/ Sustainability Management

What is Corporate (Social) Responsibility/ Sustainability Management?

CSR ensures the long-term success of a company and is increasingly in demand by customers, employees, business partners, politicians and the general public. Every company, regardless of industry, size or type, puts itself on the line if it fails to consider economic, environmental and social issues. Globalisation and climate change have made corporate social responsibility and long-term solutions to environmental and social problems more important than ever before.

Pursuing CSR as a corporate concept goes beyond just compliance with laws. It is a company's voluntary commitment to incorporating social and environmental concerns into the company's policies and practices. It focuses on, e.g. respecting human rights, complying with labour and social laws, preserving natural resources and formulating and upholding ethical standards.

Why CSR? Because:

  • CSR is a factor critical to the success of companies and an investment in the future.
  • It optimises business processes along the entire value chain.
  • It encourages and drives innovation.
  • CSR opens up doors to new markets and customer groups.
  • CSR encourages preservation of natural resources.
  • It creates competitive advantages.
  • CSR minimises risks.
  • It enhances credibility and improves image.
  • CSR builds trust with employees, customers and business partners.

CSR - Our services:

  • Integrated sustainability management
  • Business analysis and sustainability check
  • Visions & values, company guidelines
  • Sustainability strategy development
  • Interim management
  • Creation & implementation of individual csr actions
  • Stakeholder management
  • Innovation management, process optimisation
  • Comliance management
  • Risk & image management
  • Supply chain management
  • Environmental management (ISO 14001, EMAS)
  • Activities and events to raise employee awareness
  • Employee training, workshops, coaching
  • CSR performance measurement

We would also be happy to make external CSR representatives available to you.


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