Why CSR, quality management & communications mean so much to us:

CQC wants to do its part in helping the economy, the environment and society evolve by supporting companies and other organisations in rethinking how they do business.Think one step ahead with us and plan for the long run!

The current financial crisis has shown that responsible companies with long-term business strategies clearly face fewer risks that threaten their survival and are better equipped for the future. Short-term, profit-oriented thinking only produces short-term gains.

Our goals:

CQC is 100% committed to helping companies create satisfied customers, loyal and motivated employees, high-quality products and services and profitable business relationships based on mutual trust. We would be happy to show you how to make a significant contribution to the environment and society as a whole and how to exceed your stakeholders' expectations.

Our promise to you:

As a team of experts with backgrounds in different disciplines, we have extensive expertise in thefields of CSR (also known as sustainability),quality management andcommunications & marketing.

Working together with different institutions that focus on certifications, financial auditing and research, we can assess and certify your performance and incorporate current research findings into our work.

These synergies make it possible to offer individually tailored projects as well as turnkey solutions.

We are looking forward to working with you!

CQC guiding principles:

  1. Honesty, openness, respect and trust are the values that shape how we deal with our fellow human beings.
  2. We strive to attain the highest level of customer and employee satisfaction.
  3. Discretion and data privacy are for us simply a matter of course.
  4. The work we do for our customers produces the highest quality results and is in line with the latest market trends.
  5. Resources are used sparingly and efficiently in our work.
  6. We help the disadvantaged through our involvement in social causes.
  7. We are always open-minded about suggestions for improvements. We see them as an opportunity for continuous improvement.

These guiding principles are reflected in a number of different measures.

Our social, environmental and quality activities:

  • Regular support of UNICEF children's charity projects and Christmas campaigns
  • Eco-friendly shopping policy: Blauer Engel, FSC-Mix, regional organic products, Fair Trade, green office supplies
  • Environmentally friendly marketing
  • Resource-conscious consumption of water, energy and paper, "green electricity", GoGreen shipping
  • Environmentally efficient travel policy
  • Customer satisfaction surveys, striving for continuous improvement
  • Ongoing training for our employees, promotion of work-life balance, e.g. through flexible working hours and home offices
  • Stakeholder dialogues on sustainability issues
  • Educational jobs and conducting studies
  • Membership and involvement in the sustainability initiatives Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Gesellschaft für Nachhaltigkeit (GfN), Forschung für Nachhaltigkeit (FONA), Global Marshall Plan

Think one step ahead with us...!

Greencamp workshop at KarmaKonsum 2011

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