What is quality management?

"If you can not describe what you are doing as a process, you do not know what you are doing."
(W. Edwards Deming, American statistician, professor, author and quality expert)

Quality management aims to embed awareness of quality in all organisational processes and at all levels of a company to achieve the highest possible quality in both products and services. It gives structure to workflows and company organisation and strategically aligns your business. Business processes and products are continuously improved, problems and risks minimised and the satisfaction of your customers, employees, business partners and other important stakeholders increased. You exude confidence and competence and ensure the long-term success of your company.

Why quality management?

  • Quality management is a factor critical to the success of companies and an investment in the future.
  • It optimises business processes.
  • QM contributes to high-quality products, services and processes.
  • Quality management creates satisfied customers, employees & other stakeholders.
  • It cuts costs.
  • Quality management encourages innovation & continuous improvement.
  • Total Quality Management is the ideal interface between quality management and sustainability management.

QM - Our services:

  • Setup and implementation of a QM system that meets the ISO 9001 standard
  • Integrated management system development
  • Process management
  • Process optimisation
  • Problem & risk analysis
  • Quality engineering (FMEA, QFD, Six Sigma)
  • Idea & innovation management
  • Supplier audits
  • Activities and events to raise employee awareness
  • Training courses, workshops, coaching
  • QM performance measurement

We would also be happy to make external QM representatives available to you.


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