CQC ACADEMY - Workshops und Inhouse-Seminare

Get ready for practically oriented knowledge, goal-oriented results, interesting interactions and new contacts!

The CQC Academy offers a series of workshops and seminars that deal with current issues with the involvement of professional speakers who work in the areas of CSR, sustainability management, quality management and CSR communication.

Is there a topic missing from the list or would you like us to organise an in-house seminar? No problem - just get in touch!


  1. Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung kompakt: Standards (DNK, GRI,ESRS), Vorgehen, Best Practices. (only in German - please find more information here)
  2. Components of successful, credible and professional CSR communication
  3. Six Sigma for sustainability: Strategies to identify potential for improvement and cost cutting
  4. Social business: Success through a sense of purpose
  5. Employee motivation and participation - Employees as critical success factors
  6. Innovation management: Innovative for future success!

What makes us unique

You don't just have our professional expertise at your disposal, we work together with you in interactive work groups to come up with practically-oriented strategies and identify optimisation potential for your company.

At the end of every workshop, you are extremely well-informed and can apply the workshop findings to your business. Our experts support you individually in this process. To ensure that you get the most out of the workshop, the number of participants is limited to 20.


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